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What is a Moonbean?
This question has come up time and again about why Moonbean Publishing and of course, there's a story behind the name.
Once upon a time (actually about 13 years ago), my oldest daughter Emily, then 2, and I were outside looking at the beautiful full moon.
Emily was so excited she started jumping up and down exclaiming, "Mommy, Mommy, look at the moonbeans, look at the moonbeans!"
"How cute," I thought, and when it came time to establish an e-mail account, that's what I went with.
Fastforward many years later when I was driving home one afternoon from my job as features editor at The Record-Courier in Gardnerville and the true significance of the word "Moonbean" hit me.
Em's nickname has always been "Bean." My youngest daughter, Natalie, was nicknamed "Moonface," by her grandfather.
It had taken me a full five years to marry the name with the significance, realizing that the important events in life never happen on a singular level. (OK, I was a bit slow on the uptake!)
And so it is. The company name is representative of and inspired by my children.
What a great motivator they are!
Emily in top photo as a pirate
and Natalie with Wyland, reknown wildlife
conservationist, artist and author.
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